The facts about how many people that have been involved in accidents involving cyclists, motorcyclists and road using vehicles, large or small is quite staggering.

The figure since 2014 stands at some 21,287 cyclists and motorcyclists who were injured in reported road accidents, this figure includes 3,514 that were killed or seriously injured.


Children Killed


Adults Killed


Children Seriously Injured


Adults Seriously Injured


Children Slightly Injured


Adults Slightly Injured

These figures only represent those accidents that were actually reported to the police.
As cycling becomes more popular these accident figures are expected to increase considerably.

The majority of accidents will and have involved adults, with approximately 10% being children.
An adult male is more likely to be involved in a cycling or motorcycling accident than a female.

Most cycling accidents happen in urban areas where cycling is more popular.

Almost two thirds of cyclists killed or seriously injured were involved in accidents or collisions with cars, lorry’s or vans at critical points such as Red Traffic Lights, T Junctions or Roundabouts.

This map shows the number of road accident fatalities in Hackney over the last 10 years.
Nearly every street corner.

Real world driving behaviours


Don’t let this be you


Can you spot the cyclist and motorcyclist on the map displayed below?

No; because they are not logged into Cycle Safety Technology.

Can you spot the cyclist and motorcyclist on this new map?

Now they are using Cycle Safety Technology, they are visible to drivers on the map long before proximity, greatly improving their visibility and driver awareness.




  1. We have been crying out for something in cycling motor biking to help prevent accidents the app certainly looks good, as long as people in the cycling community download the app it should make a real difference !

    1. Hello Paulo
      Thanks for your comments and support. We are trialing this app at the moment and there Is no cost to you.
      Please share with your friends family and community.

      We welcome your feedback.

  2. Is there anything to help cyclists distinguish between road surface and pavement? Are figures available of numbers of pedestrians killed or injured by cyclists riding on pavements (not including marked cycle paths)? Let me continue by saying I’m not anti cycle or cyclist; lots of the cyclists I see riding on the road do so safely and considerately, and I hope I drive with equal consideration towards them. My question is about the considerable number of people-who-ride-bikes, as opposed to cyclists, who I see daily and who appear to have no concept of anything other than their own convenience. Walking the pavements of the streets of my town requires eternal vigilance for black-clad, unlit-at-night riders, who see people on foot as a challenge accepted. I understand that no device is unlikely to have any effect on these inconsiderates, but perhaps lobbying for greater awareness of Highway Code rules 59-82, with a strong mention of rule 64 might help those who have ears to hear. A safe journey and happy riding to all who cycle safely

    1. Hello Chris

      Thanks for your input.

      You have commented very strongly on an issue that means a lot to you.

      This is the beauty of having the freedom to “Have your Say”

      It would be very intresting to know the figures that you have requested if anybody knows and would like to enlighten us all.

      As you know the goverment and individrual councils would be responsible for such behaviour.

      I know and fully accept that kids use pavements to cycle.

      I as an individual accept this because the pavements are safer for them.

      If roads were safer and children were taught on cycling safely on roads these issues would not be occuring.

      Also we have to ask honestly who is responsible….

      We at Cycle Safety Technology App are looking to change the way road users behave on the roads towards each other.

      We hope our app will go some way in educating cyclist and motorist that the roads are for all road users and that all road users should have some means of communicating between themselfs.

      There are good drivers cyclist and motorcyclist out there, also can be said they are those cyclist motorist as well as motorcyclist that are willing to break the law where ever they can.

      It is the responsibilities of voted goverments to deal with those individruals.

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