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Introducing Accident Management Systems

This app was designed to help support accident investigations. App users involved in road accidents and collisions can access accurate details regarding the incident in real time and transfer this securely to insurance companies within a matter of minutes.

At present when an accident or collision occurs, those involved seek to find a pen and paper so they can exchange details regarding the accident or collision. This is not ideal and is often inaccurate or open to fraudulent claims.

Some common issues are:

  • Damage to vehicles or motorcycles, cyclists or even pedestrians that was not the fault of the driver(s).
  • False injury claims when a vehicle jolts or rolls into another vehicle, motorcyclist, cyclist or pedestrian and the driver is blamed for causing serious injuries such as whiplash, back pains and bruising etc
  • Invisible passengers that were not present at the accident but appear on the claim forms for injuries caused to them through the accident or collision.

Accident Management System will help reduce the false reporting of accidents which cost insurance companies millions of pounds, which is then passed onto innocent motorist and members of the public in higher insurance cost.

Accident Management System (AMS) will also help reduce insurance companies’ operating costs by compiling accurate details regarding accidents or collisions in real time. These details will be submitted directly to the user’s insurance company. This reduces investigation time spent on the accident or collision.

Once insurance details are exchange those involved will recieve a green tick if they are insured and the policy is active. An automatic red tick is displayed if anyone of those involved do not have an active insurance policy.

Accident Management System (AMS) will collect the following accurate details in real time:

  • Correct contact details of those involved in the accident or collision.
  • Severity of the accident or collision.
  • Were the emergency services called – Ambulance, Police, Fire service, or Air ambulance
  • Police reference numbers regarding the accident or collision.
  • How many people were involved and/or injured in the accident or collision.
  • Location of accident or collision.
  • Weather and road conditions.
  • Visibility and time of day.
  • Accurate assessments of damage caused.
  • Video from the device’s camera to show how accident or collision happened.
  • Ability to upload video from dashcams straight into app.
  • Eye witness testimonies and contact details.
  • Facilities to include report of the accident or collision by those involved.

A quick submit button will send all the information collected directly to the user’s insurance company, and to their own email for safe keeping.

The most important aspect of AMS is that insurance companies are recieving your accident or collision information accurately and in real time; allowing your claim to be dealt with quickly.

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